Viability correlations between the sexes among experimental genotypes

X chromosomeCytoplasm
Aus 4−0.5667510.0000−0.0291510.8392
Aus 5−0.0435460.7742−0.1784450.2409
Aus 7−0.4745400.0020−0.4532400.0033
Bei 1−0.2422490.0936−0.3320550.0133
Bei 10−0.5599550.0000−0.1820440.2372
Bei 20.0189450.9018−0.1149500.4270
Bei 7−0.3033240.1497−0.3628430.0168
Fay 11−0.3044500.0316−0.4689450.0012
Fay 12−0.4805550.0002−0.3563490.0120
Fay 13−0.3329520.01590.0556510.6982
Fay 15−0.1751450.2499−0.0621430.6922
Fay 170.0997500.4908−0.3009460.0422
  • Correlations were determined for the fitness scores of male and female siblings from the same cross. The crosses were between the focal strain listed in each row of the table and all 12 strains in the experiment (including itself). The left and right sides of the table list the correlation coefficient when the focal strain was the source of the X chromosome or cytoplasm, respectively.