Analysis of variance for sex, mtDNA, and cytoplasm

Sourced.f.SSQF ratioP <
Sex (all)16.9502474.35340.0001
(No Australia/Wolbachia)13.1066239.21790.0001
X chromosome (all)110.48773.02590.0005
(No Australia/Wolbachia)80.32573.13490.0017
Sex × X chromosome (all)110.61293.80280.0001
(No Australia/Wolbachia)80.23372.24940.0225
Sex (all)17.6318534.06230.0001
(No Australia/Wolbachia)13.3813260.22390.0001
Cytoplasm (all)110.17201.09410.3622
(No Australia/Wolbachia)80.12601.21250.2888
Sex × Cytoplasm (all)111.33088.46630.0001
(No Australia/Wolbachia)80.42854.12240.0001
Sex (all)16.0223394.57860.0001
(No Australia/Wolbachia)13.0905229.93340.0001
mtDNA (all)20.01730.56510.5685
(No Australia/Wolbachia)20.07622.83550.0594
Sex × mtDNA (all)20.13514.42590.0122
(No Australia/Wolbachia)20.03371.25250.2865
  • The first line of each main effect or interaction term reports the analyses for the complete data set (all); n = 1129 crosses. The second line labeled (no Australia/Wolbachia) reports the analyses excluding all data involving lines Aus 4, 5, and 7, which carried Wolbachia (n = 652 crosses).