Characteristics for QTL for resistance to powdery mildew identified in a Col-gl1 × Kas-1 cross

QTLPosition of the QTLaConfidence intervalbTS SIMcLODdDR score explainedeVariation explainedf (%)
RPW10 R30025 + 0 cM–4 < R30025 <+
RPW11 nga139 ± 0cM–6 < nga139 <+
RPW12 nga1126 – 6cM–13 < nga1126 <+
Total explained: 63.0h
  • a Position of the QTL as estimated by MQTL (displayed by the command “find peaks”).

  • b Confidence interval, in centimorgans, for the location of the QTL (calculated with the “1-LOD” support interval).

  • c Test statistic value for SIM at the QTL location (displayed by the command “find peaks”).

  • d LOD score of likelihood for the existence of a QTL, with LOD = TS × 0.22.

  • e DR score points explained by each QTL (displayed by the command “make estimates”).

  • f Percentage of the phenotypic variation explained, as determined by MQTL.

  • g One QTL at a time, using the formula R2 = 1 – 1/exp (TS/n) with TS SIM and n = 129, the number of progeny.

  • h All three QTL (estimated by TQTL with the command “make estimates”).