Terpene synthases sequenced in this study

Terpene synthasecDNAGenomic
ProductClassFormer nameaSizebaabNameSizebaabClone namecIntronsd
Agf δsel22.789525pAGg4-348
(-)-Limonenemonoin, coag101.913637Agg-lim11.913637pAGg10-19
  • The superscript notations in, co, and un refer to inducible, constitutive, or unknown-type enzyme expression, respectively.

  • a Former names for cDNAs are from Bohlmann et al. 1998b.

  • b Size of cDNA and genomic sequences are in kilobases; deduced amino acid (aa) sequences are translated from the cDNA, or from the genomic sequence without introns spliced.

  • c Plasmid clones were used for full-length genomic sequencing, with some exceptions (see Table 2).

  • d All introns are conserved in the same positions with reference to Agggabi, although the specific gene may not contain all 14 introns. Six introns are positionally conserved in all cases (Chappell 1995a).

  • e Bisabolene synthase sequence determined with the overlapping plasmid clones pAgc1-1 (3′-end) and pAgc1-11A (5′-end) containing inserts of 1.907 and 2.750 kb, respectively (see text).

  • f Both plasmid clones pAgc22-4 and pAgc22-3 were used to determine the full genomic sequence.