Strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotype
W303-1aMATa ade2-1 his3-11,15 leu2-3,112 can1-100 ura3-1 trp1-1
CDY1-3MATa asf1-2::URA3
SY504MATa asf1::his5+(GFP-ASF1 in pGFP-N fus)
SY505MATa (pGFP-N fus)
SY501MATa asf1::his51
SY561MATa (pCALA1)
SY563MATa hir1::HIS3 (pCALA1)
SY565MATa asf1::his5+ (pCALA1)
SY567MATa asf1::his5+ hir1::HIS3 (pCALA1)
SY569MATa asf1::his5+(pCALA1) (YCp50)
SY571MATa asf1::his5+(pCALA1) (ASF1 in YCp50)
SY513MATa asf1:: his5+ (ASF1 in YCp50)
SY514MATa asf1:: his5+ (ASF1-[HA]3 in YCp50)
SY546MATα asf1:: his5+ adh4::URA3-(C1-3A)n
SY577MATa asf1::URA3 hir1::HIS3
SY578MATa asf1::URA3 hir1::HIS3 cac2::TRP1
SY579MATα asf1::URA3 cac2::TRP1
SY580MATa hir1::HIS3 cac2::TRP1
SY603MATα hir1::HIS3 adh4::URA3-(C1-3A)n
SY604MATa cac2::TRP1 adh4::URA3-(C1-3A)n
SY605MATa asf1:: his5+ cac2::TRP1 adh4::URA3-(C1-3A)n
SY606MATa asf1:: his5+ hir1::HIS3 adh4::URA3-(C1-3A)n
SY607MATa hir1::HIS3 cac2::TRP1 adh4::URA3-(C1-3A)n
SY608MATa asf1:: his5+ hir1::HIS3 cac2::TRP1 adh4::URA3-(C1-3A)n
W303Δ1MATa hir1::HIS3
YB0151MATα cac2::TRP1 YDS631 MATα adh4::URA3-(C1-3A)n
L40MATa his3Δ200 trp1-901 leu2-3,112 ade2 lys2-801am URA3::(lexAop) lacZ LYS2:(lexAop)4-HIS3
  • All strains are the W303 background except L40.

  • Sources or references: CDY1-3 (Le et al. 1997), YB0151 (B. Stillman), W303Δ1 (M. A. Osley), YDS631 (Chien et al. 1993), and L40 (Hollenberg et al. 1995). The rest of the strains were created for this study.