Effect of the ph409 mutation on the eye-color phenotype of four classes of su(Hw)-, SUPor P male progeny generated by crossing heterozygous ph409 females with the indicated ZnF-PcG producers

Class IClass IIClass IIIClass IV
ProducerTotal male progenyph409, ZnF-Pcph+, ZnF-PcGph409, no ZnF-PcGph+, no ZnF-PcG
ZnF452Red (37)Red (40)Red (6)Red (23)
ZnF-Scm928Red (19)Yell.-or. var (65)Red (28)Red (58)
Dk. or. (1)
ZnF-Pc1506Red (39)Lt. or. (99)Red (46)Red (77)
Dk. or. (9)
Dk. or. var. (7)
ZnF-Esc577Red (15)Dk. or. -red (43)Red (24)Red (27)
Dk. red (1)Dk. Red (5)
  • Values in parentheses indicate the number of flies scored. A wild-type level of white expression produces flies with red eyes. Dk., dark; or., orange; yell., yellow; lt., light; var., variegated. The level of decreasing expression corresponding to eye color is red> dk. red> dk. or.> lt. or> yell.-or.