Comparison of diversity within Aly13 subtypes in A. lyrata and SRK alleles of Brassica

A. lyrata
Subtypes 3, 9, 13, 16, and 19
Class I and II
Length range of regionsDiversityLength range of regionsDiversity
Intron 1>500Unalignable>500Unalignable
Intron 277-147Unalignable105-1920.47
Exon 3176-1970.32182-2000.16
Intron 365-1170.4874-800.26
Exon 42110.20208-2110.15
Intron 484-1020.42890.14
Exon 5238-241a0.162380.12
Intron 582-1150.37
Exon 6130-1510.16
Intron 679-1080.36
Exon 7318-3420.16
  • Average nucleotide diversities (uncorrected P-distances; Swofford 2000) are shown. Length ranges are the minimum and maximum length of the given exon/intron for the sequences used in each species. Values for A. lyrata are based on five Aly13 subtypes. Intron 1, intron 2, and the first 9 bp of exon 3 are unalignable among the Aly13 subtypes and were excluded from the analysis. Exon values for Brassica are based on 16 SRK alleles from B. rapa and B. oleracea (13 Class I and 3 Class II alleles), and intron values are based on 4 SRK alleles (all Class I).

  • a The last 58 bp were excluded in calculations because 13-3 and 13-9 sequences ended there.