Summary of data on 11 Aly13 subtypes from A. lyrata

Evidence for linkage
to SI phenotype
Kinase domain
Sequences used in
sliding window plot
End of sequence
13-1YesNoEmbedded ImageS-domain
13-3YesYesEmbedded ImageExon 5
13-4Inferred from segregationYesEmbedded ImageExon 7
13-5Inferred from segregationYesEmbedded ImageExon 4
13-9Inferred from segregationYesEmbedded ImageExon 5
13-13YesYesEmbedded ImageExon 7
13-16Inferred from segregationYesExon 6
13-19YesYesExon 6
13-20YesYesIntron 4
13-23YesNoEmbedded ImageS-domain
  • The evidence for the presence of a kinase domain (third column) is based on repeated attempted PCR amplifications (see materials and methods). The fourth column indicates those sequences that were used to test whether the variability in the S-domain is in locations in the sequence similar to the locations of greatest variability in Brassica SRK alleles. The final column shows the approximate regions for which A. lyrata sequence data are available. The first six partial genomic sequences listed are all the same length and begin about 300 nucleotides from the beginning of the S-domain, but the other five S-domain sequences are shorter and vary in length.