Phototactic behavior of wild-type and mutant larvae

No. larvae
on the
dark side
% larvae
on the
dark side
Control larvae40032581
Mutant larvae
  • Photobehavior of foraging larvae was assayed as described in materials and methods. B3t2 and B3t10 are class I alleles, resulting in lethality in the first larval instar. B3tSK is the most severe class II allele, resulting in late larval lethality and failure to pupariate. For each genotype, numbers shown are pooled data for multiple tests of ̃20 larvae. Each experiment was carried out as a paired sample in which one set of mutant larvae and one set of control larvae were tested together. Data for control larvae are pooled data for wild-type larvae (114), heterozygous sibs of mutant larvae (144), and larvae of genotype Df(2R)Px2/CyO-y+ (142). Data were analyzed by Goldstein’s x* test (Goldstein 1964). Photobehavior of hemizygous mutant larvae was significantly different from control larvae and homozygous mutant larvae at >0.01 confidence level.