Evidence for diversifying selection in the evolution of the rp1 gene family

Whole gene6 (1-10)10 (3-16)0.74
N terminus (including NBS)3 (1-7)9 (4-18)0.46
C terminus (including LRR)8 (1-13)10 (1-19)0.81
Domain B9 (2-16)13 (10-27)1.18
xxLxLxx16 (0-28)17 (0-29)1.48
Domain C8 (3-14)9 (10-18)1.16
Domain D8 (3-10)8 (2-12)1.18
xxLxLxx19 (9-26)8 (1-18)3.5
C-terminal tail10 (3-19)28 (4-48)0.47
  • Values are calculated for synonymous (Ks) and nonsynonymous (Ka) substitutions in different domains of the protein coding regions of the genes. Ka values indicate nonsynonymous substitutions per 100 nonsynonymous sites. Ks values indicate synonymous substitutions per 100 synonymous sites. Values were calculated for all possible 28 pairwise comparisons between the eight rp1 paralogues in the HRp1-D haplotype (excluding the truncated rp1-Cin4 gene) and averaged. The ranges of values are given in parentheses to the right of the Ka and Ks averages.