Frequency of recombination and mutation in wild-type, sae2Δ, mre11s-H125N, and rad50s-K81I strains

Relevant genotype
Spontaneous frequency × 106 (±SD)bHO-induced frequency × 106 (±SD)
Trp+CanrTrp+ CanrTrp+CanrTrp+ Canr
Wild type (yAR577)4.01.1<0.01224,0001503.7
sae2Δ (yAR579)5.33.3<0.01518,00041022
mre11s-H125N (yAR627),00028026
rad50s-KI81 (yAR583)2.62.0<0.01131,00046020
  • Frequencies are the average of at least three independent fluctuation tests as described in materials and methods.

  • a Complete genotypes are listed in Table 1.

  • b Numbers in parentheses indicate standard deviation of the average median frequency from the fluctuation tests.