Comparison between additive and metabolic models

Simulation parametersSkewWN2HPF (%)
Embedded Image Population sizeAllelic effectsADDaMETbADDMETADDMETADDMET
Independent QTL (RandomU)
Embedded Image N = 1000Constant0.100.29NSNS494966
Embedded Image N = 1000Normal0.643.090.9950.90534100100
Linked QTL (RandomL)
Embedded Image N = 5000Constant0.570.630.9950.9444115731
Embedded Image N = 1000Constant0.590.840.9870.7734184327
Embedded Image N = 200Constant0.701.380.9540.3349283518
Embedded Image N = 1000Constant1.201.330.5400.40924271410
Embedded Image N = 1000Constant1.881.850.2030.1453840911
Embedded Image N = 1000Normal1.152.100.9930.817269652

The R2 distributions were computed for a 50-locus additive or metabolic trait, in 100 F2 populations, and with two distributions of additive allelic effects (aq): Constant (same aq for all the QTL) and Normal. The QTL were independent or linked, with random parental gametic phase. Embedded Image is the broad sense heritability of the trait. See methods for the details on parameters Skew, W, N2, and HPF. NS, not significant.

  • a Additive model.

  • b Metabolic model.