Statistics describing the simulated distributions of the R2

LinkageParentsEmbedded Image Allelic effectsPopulation sizePCT (%)Skew (%)WN2HPF (%)
Independent QTL, Embedded Image
No RandomU 1.0Constant2001000.5164.30.438234
No RandomU 1.0Constant1000740.1096.3 ns 496
No RandomU 1.0Constant5000570.0699.6 ns 485
No RandomU 1.0Normal200760.7976.50.964533
No RandomU 1.0Normal1000590.6495.20.9953100
No RandomU 1.0Exponential100046–0.6996.30.9851042
No RandomU 1.0Uniform1000580.5395.70.999480
Linked QTL, Embedded Image
No RandomL 1.0Constant200960.7044.00.954935
No RandomL 1.0Constant500880.6151.50.978542
No RandomL 1.0Constant1000850.5954.40.987443
No RandomL 1.0Constant5000830.5756.40.995457
No RandomL 1.0Normal1000881.1550.30.993296
No RandomL 1.0Exponential1000860.6752.70.0994399
No RandomL 1.0Uniform1000880.8743.50.994298
No CouplingL 1.0Constant10001000.5914.00.987445
No RepulsionL 1.0Constant1000530.58125.50.987445
Independent or linked QTL, Embedded Image
No RandomU 0.2Constant200910.7336.3 ns 492
No RandomU 0.2Constant10001000.4723.3 ns 485
No RandomU 0.5Constant200861.4750.2 ns 492
No RandomU 0.5Constant1000970.6950.0 ns 486
No RandomU 0.2Normal1000991.3923.30.195423
No RandomU 0.5Normal1000920.9550.80.506207
Yes RandomL 0.2Constant10001000.3014.90.203389
Yes RandomL 0.5Constant1000991.2029.80.5402414

The R2 distributions were computed for a 50-locus additive trait, in 100 F2 populations, and with four distributions of allelic effects (aq): (i) Constant (same aq for all the QTL), (ii) Normal, (iii) Exponential, and (iv) Uniform. The QTL were independent or linked, with various parental gametic phases. Embedded Image is the broad sense heritability of the trait. See methods for the details on parameters PCT, Skew, S̄, W, N2, and HPF.