Genetic parameters used in the simulations

Distribution law for the additive allelic effectsGenetic parametersaParameters of the lawModel
Constantmq (∀q)0.101720.00
aq (∀q)0.051210.00
Normalmq (∀q)0.100020.00
aq μ 0.051210.00
σ 0.01262.50
Exponentialdmq (∀q)0.100020.00
aq a max 0.091816.20
σ 0.01262.50
Normalmq (∀q)0.100020.00
aq a min 0.01362.50
a max 0.095017.50
  • a mq, the midhomozygote value at locus q; aq, the additive allelic effect at locus q.

  • b Additive model.

  • c Metabolic model.

  • d The probability density function for the exponential distribution is Embedded Image .