Physical mapping results of RFLP markers selected for the 1S0.8 region using comparative mapping

No. of fragments
cDNA (C)-genomic (G)EcoRIHindIII
Xabc151 C01130113Long arm
Xabc156 C001111111S0.8 region
Xabg53 G000111111S0.8 region
Xabg59 G011201101S0.8 region
Xabg74 G11111S0.8 region
Xabg452 G11101110Long arm
Xabg494 G111011101S0.5 region
Xabg500 G000111111S0.8 region
Xbcd22 C11130005Long arm
Xbcd98 C10031113Distal to 1S0.8 region
Xbcd249 C111112101S0.8 region
Xbcd340 C01050105Proximal to 1BS-19
Xbcd372 C00140104Long arm
Xbcd762a C311422221S0.5 region
Xbcd762b C01000200Long arm
Xbcd921 C12101111Long arm
Xbcd1072 C14121110Centromere
Xbcd1124 C01101110Proximal to 1BS-19
Xbcd1340 C111011111S0.8 region
Xbcd1434 C11101S0.8 region
Xbcd1796 C101711111S0.5 region
Xcdo99 C10031113Distal to 1S0.8 region
Xcdo127a C210301131S0.5 region
Xcdo127b C01000100Proximal to 1BS-19
Xcdo388a C01111000161S0.8 region
Xcdo388b C01000000Long arm
Xcdo442 C211111111S0.8 region
Xcdo534 C01081S0.8 region
Xcdo580a C143201331S0.8 region
Xcdo580b C01000000Distal to 1S0.8 region
Xcdo618 C11101S0.5 region
Xcdo658 C11101110Proximal to 1BS-20
Xcdo1173 C11101S0.5 region
Xcdo1188 C131111101S0.5 region
Xcdo1340 C11201110Proximal to 1BS-19
Xcdo1423 C111121311S0.8 region
Xcmwg645a C0121013281S0.8 region
Xcmwg645b C02000100Long arm
Xcmwg758 C11121110Long arm
XksuD14a G023401121S0.8 region
XksuD14b G021001101S0.8 region
XksuD14c G020001001S0.8 region
XksuE18 G2282291S0.8 region
XksuE19 G26212832Long arm
XksuF43 G11121S0.8 region
XLrk10 G123313311S0.8 region
Xmwg36 G11101S0.8 region
Xmwg60 G221113211S0.8 region
Xmwg68 G110011111S0.8 region
Xmwg539 G111110004Long arm
Xmwg584 G11172127Long arm
Xmwg835a G313611181S0.8 region
Xmwg835b G01000000Long arm
Xmwg837a G125423341S0.8 region
Xmwg837b G00000100Long arm
Xmwg896 G11131116Long arm
Xmwg913a G000801051S0.8 region
Xmwg913b G00000100Proximal to 1BS-20
Xmwg938a G421142011S0.8 region
Xmwg938b G01000100Long arm
Xmwg2021a G211021151S0.8 region
Xmwg2021b G00000100Long arm
Xmwg2048 G212202131S0.8 region
Xmwg2056a G131424131S0.8 region
Xmwg2056b G01000100Long arm
Xmwg2083a G1117221121S0.8 reg
Xmwg2083b G00000100Long arm
Xmwg2148a G21211221101S0.8 region
Xmwg2148b G01000200Long arm
Xmwg2148c G00000200Long arm
Xmwg2197 G110011001S0.8 region
Xmwg2245 G221123121S0.8 region
Nor(pTa71) C01081S0.8 region
Xpsr161 C13251110Centromere
Xpsr168 C11101111Proximal to 1BS-20
Xpsr381a G112122201S0.8 region
Xpsr381b G00000100Long arm
Xpsr393 G22142004Proximal to 1BS-20
Xpsr596 G11111110Proximal to 1BS-19
Xpsr634 G11101110Proximal to 1BS-19
Xpsr688a G1328313121S0.8 region
Xpsr688b G02000210Long arm
Xpsr908 G111010051S0.8 region
Xpsr937 G201121111S0.8 region
Xpsr949 G000421111S0.5 region
Xpsr963 G011001121S0.8 region
Xpsr1327 G21032001Long arm
Xrz244 C011011101S0.8 region
Xtam52 G11121112Proximal to 1BS-19
Xwg789 G111111101S0.5 region
Xwg811 G111111101S0.5 region

1S0.8 region is gene-rich region at fraction length 0.8. 1S0.5 region is gene-rich region at fraction length 0.5. Letters a, b, c, at the end of probe names represent probes detecting multiple loce. A dash represents missing data.