Repression of S. cerevisiae Hypoxic genes by ScRox1-CaRox1 fusions

Fusion genebβ-Galactosidase activityc
PlasmidaRegulatory regionHMG domainC-terminal domainAerobicAnaerobic
YCp(22) ROX1HScScSc6.5109
YCp(22) Ca-R1ScSc 1, Ca 38-119Sc43
YCp(22) Ca-R1HMG2ScSc 1, Ca 38-199Sc18
YCp(22) Ca-R1-CScScCa 165-C term.18
YCp(22) CaROX1CaCaCa26126
YCplac22 (Vector)143126
  • a Plasmids were transformed into MZ22-4Δr1::gK.

  • b S. cerevisiae regions of the fusion are indicated by the abbreviation Sc; C. albicans regions are indicated by the abbreviation Ca. Where indicated, the residue numbers represent codons. The construction of the fusions are presented in the materials and methods.

  • c β-Galactosidase was expressed from an integrated copy of the ANB1-lacZ fusion in MZ22-4Δr1::gK. Dashed lines indicate that the assays were not carried out under anaerobic conditions.