5S rDNA sequences used in this study

SequenceSpeciesaLocusGenomeAccession no.Reference
A. 5S-DNA-A1 spacer sequences
aes1Triticum aestivum5S-DNA-A1AuZ11417Appels et al. (1992)
aes2T. aestivum5S-DNA-A1AuZ11450Appels et al. (1992)
dcm1T. dicoccum5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272302This study
dco1T. dicoccoides5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272300This study
dco2T. dicoccoides5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272301This study
mon1T. monococcum5S-DNA-A1AmZ11461Baum and Appels (1992)
mon2T. monococcum5S-DNA-A1AmAJ272294This study
mon3T. monococcum5S-DNA-A1AmAJ272293This study
mon4T. monococcum5S-DNA-A1AmAJ272295This study
mon5T. monococcum5S-DNA-A1AmAJ272291This study
mon6T. monococcum5S-DNA-A1AmAJ272292This study
mon7T. monococcum5S-DNA-A1AmAJ272290This study
sin1T. sinskajae5S-DNA-A1AmAJ272288This study
sin2T. sinskajae5S-DNA-A1AmAJ272289This study
sin3T. sinskajae5S-DNA-A1AmAJ272287This study
ura1T. urartu5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272298This study
ura2T. urartu5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272299This study
ura3T. urartu5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272296This study
ura4T. urartu5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272282This study
ura5T. urartu5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272284This study
ura6T. urartu5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272285This study
ura7T. urartu5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272286This study
ura8T. urartu5S-DNA-A1AuAJ272283This study
B. 5S-DNA-2 spacer sequences
aes3T. aestivum5S-DNA-2Au, B or DZ11423Appels et al. (1992)
aes4T. aestivum5S-DNA-2Au, B or DZ11424Appels et al. (1992)
aes5T. aestivum5S-DNA-2Au, B or DZ11425Appels et al. (1992)
aes6T. aestivum5S-DNA-2Au, B or DZ11426Appels et al. (1992)
aes7T. aestivum5S-DNA-2Au, B or DZ11427Appels et al. (1992)
aes8T. aestivum5S-DNA-2Au, B or DX66388Vakhitov et al. (1989a)
mon8T. monococcum5S-DNA-2AmZ11460Baum and Appels (1992)
mon9T. monococcum5S-DNA-2AmX66383Vakhitov et al. (1989a)
mon10T. monococcum5S-DNA-2AmX66391Vakhitov et al. (1989b)
sea1Aegilops searsii5S-DNA-2SsZ11462Baum and Appels (1992)
sha1Ae. sharonensis5S-DNA-2SlZ11481Baum and Appels (1992)
spe1Ae. speltoides5S-DNA-2SX66387Vakhitov et al. (1989a)
spe2Ae. speltoides5S-DNA-2SZ11464Baum and Appels (1992)
squ1Ae. squarrosa5S-DNA-2DZ11465Appels et al. (1992)
squ2Ae. squarrosa5S-DNA-2DX66381Vakhitov et al. (1989a)
tim1T. timopheevi5S-DNA-2Au or GX66385Vakhitov et al. (1989a)
umb1Ae. umbellulata5S-DNA-2UZ11479Baum and Appels (1992)
ura9T. urartu5S-DNA-2AuX66384Vakhitov et al. (1989a)
C. 5S rDNA genes
aes9T. aestivum5S-DNA-1B or DZ11415Appels et al. (1992)
aes10T. aestivum5S-DNA-A1AuZ11416Appels et al. (1992)
aes11T. aestivum5S-DNA-1B or DZ11418Appels et al. (1992)
aes12T. aestivum5S-DNA-1B or DZ11419Appels et al. (1992)
aes13T. aestivum5S-DNA-1B or DZ11421Appels et al. (1992)
aes14T. aestivum5S-DNA-1B or DZ11428Appels et al. (1992)
aes15T. aestivum5S-DNA-A1AuZ11449Appels et al. (1992)
aes16T. aestivum5S-DNA-1B or DZ11454Appels et al. (1992)
squ3Ae. squarrosa5S-DNA-1DZ11466Appels et al. (1992)
  • Gene sequences were also used in C from the following units whose spacers are listed in A and B: aes1, aes2, aes3, aes4, aes5, aes6, aes7, aes8, mon1, mon8, mon9, mon10, sea1, sha1, spe1, spe2, squ1, squ2, tim1, umb1, and ura9.

  • a According to the nomenclature of Miller (1987).