Regulation of expression of mox4::lacZ fusion and effect of AR1 mutation

Plasmid fusionβ-Galactosidase
activity in
aerobic cells
activity in
anaerobic cells
mox4::lacZ0.88 ± 0.0311.2 ± 2.3a
mox4ΔAR1::lacZ1.73 ± 0.093.99 ± 0.81
  • Cells transformed with YCpmox4::lacZ or YCpmox4ΔAR1:: lacZ were grown under anaerobic and aerobic conditions and harvested for β-galactosidase assay.

  • a Shown here is the average of two independent experiments. Anaerobic levels of lacZ vary from one experiment to another due to variations in lag time before enzyme synthesis. Values of β-galactosidase activity in individual experiments showed lower standard deviations, being 13.21 ± 1.14 and 9.26 ± 0.11.