The number of integration events of the gene-trap vectors into chromosomes compared among three different mutators

Mutator strains
Exp 7-65 (pGT1 on X)pTrap1-2 (pGT1 on II)G4-BDB-p53#6-1 (pGTD-6 on II)Total
Mosaic-eyed males used for generation of founders of strains6754604201555
Established lines with an insertion in the X, second (II), or third (III) chromosomeX291342
total54 (8%)b92 (20%)b64 (15%)b210 (14%)b
Lines with Gal4 activity18 (33%)c32 (35%)c24 (38%)c74 (35%)c
  • a The gene-trap vector was integrated into the CyO chromosome.

  • b The ratio of the number of established lines over that of total jump-started mosaic-eyed males shown in the top row.

  • c The percentage of gene-trap lines with Gal4 expression relative to the total stocks with vector insertions,which are given in the middle row.