Incidence of 15DttMb-associated respiratory distress and lethality

No. of littersNo. of progenyGenotypeGenotypeGenotype
Respiratory distress
+/+15DttMb or 48UThc/+ 15DttMb/48UThca
    15DttMb × 48UThc2155 (33)5 (33)5 (33)
+/+    15DttMb or 9ThW/+ 15DttMb/9ThWa
15DttMb × 9ThW3122 (16)6 (50)4 (33)
+/+1Acrg or 9ThW/+ 1Acrg/9ThWb
    lAcrg × 9ThW63114 (45)12 (39)5 (16)
+/+1Acrg or 48UThc/+ 1Acrg/48UThcc
    lAcrg × 48UThc3218 (38)9 (43)4 (19)

Values in parentheses are percentages.

  • a Pups breathing successfully 30 min following Caesarian delivery were scored as viable. Four of the five 15DttMb/48UThc pups were viable. In contrast, none of the 15DttMb/9ThW pups were viable.

  • b Progeny genotyping as 1Acrg/9ThW were recovered as dead pups shortly after delivery.

  • c One of the 1Acrg/48UThc mice died shortly after birth and three survived to present the Ednrb loss-of-function phenotype of an almost completely white coat and juvenile lethality owing to megacolon.