ERG response in wild-type (Canton-S) and Kpn1-7GAL4/UAS-nonA transgenic flies

30G Kpn1/UAS-nonA 20B707
30G Kpn1/ UAS-nonA 9A10010
21A Kpn1/ UAS-nonA 20B505
21A Kpn1/UAS-nonA 9A653.8 ± 0.2 (24)5.0 ± 0.9 (22)1
28A Kpn1/ UAS-nonA 20B606
28A Kpn1/ UAS-nonA 9A303
15A Kpn3/ UAS-nonA 20B707
15A Kpn3/UAS-nonA 9A10010
18D Kpn4/UAS-nonA 20B404
18D Kpn4/UAS-nonA 9A404
41B Kpn5/UAS-nonA 20B808
41B Kpn5/UAS-nonA 9A606
15B Kpn5/UAS-nonA 20B101
15B Kpn5/UAS-nonA 9A10010
34A Kpn7/ UAS-nonA 20B202
34A Kpn7/UAS-nonA 9A202
24B Kpn7/UAS-nonA 20B303
24B Kpn7/UAS-nonA 9A303
Canton-S442.8 ± 1.0 (16)2.4 ± 1.2 (14)0

N, number of flies tested; +, wild-type ERGs (with light-on and light-off transients); –, mutant ERGs (without light-on and light-off transients). Mean, SD, and number (parentheses) of light-on and light-off amplitudes (mV) in Canton-S and in rescued 21A Kpn1/ UAS-nonA 9A transgenic flies are also reported.