Posterior summaries of D′ for the analyses of Figure 5

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Xq4007-1, Xq3774-20.0440.940.960.59
Xq3804-1, Xq3812-10.0900.420.580.75
Xq3774-2, Xq3773-10.0930.950.970.59
Xq4007-1, Xq3773-10.1370.960.970.50
Xq3812-1, Xq3917-10.2810.300.550.82
Xq3862-1, Xq3773-10.3230.310.520.89
Xq3804-1, Xq3917-10.3710.960.980.68
Xq3773-1, Xq3804-10.3800.160.500.97
Xq3773-1, Xq3812-10.4700.230.510.88
Xq3774-2, Xq3804-10.4730.680.740.66
Xq4007-1, Xq3804-10.5170.190.520.97
Xq3774-2, Xq3812-10.5630.420.650.79
Xq4007-1, Xq3812-10.6070.230.300.58
Xq3862-1, Xq3804-10.7030.260.590.96
Xq3773-1, Xq3917-10.7510.150.480.95
Xq3774-2, Xq3917-10.8440.790.740.34
Xq4007-1, Xq3917-10.8880.180.510.96
Xq3774-2, Xq3698-11.2450.100.250.83
Xq2816-1, Xq3274-10.0280.960.940.28
Xq3471-1, Xq4001-10.0380.970.980.65
Xq3413-1, Xq2816-10.0440.590.500.33
Xq3449-1, Xq3471-10.0480.970.970.53
Xq4001-1, Xq3413-10.0670.840.810.41
Xq3413-1, Xq3274-10.0720.630.530.29
Xq3449-1, Xq4001-10.0860.960.970.56
Xq3471-1, Xq3413-10.1050.900.820.24
Xq4001-1, Xq2816-10.1110.630.510.24
Xq3476-1, Xq3449-10.1170.590.550.45
Xq4001-1, Xq3274-10.1390.660.530.25
Xq3471-1, Xq2816-10.1490.680.520.19
Xq3449-1, Xq3413-10.1530.890.800.24
Xq3476-1, Xq3471-10.1650.560.560.50
Xq3471-1, Xq3274-10.1770.690.530.21
Xq3449-1, Xq2816-10.1970.650.500.18
Xq3476-1, Xq4001-10.2030.560.560.51
Xq3449-1, Xq3274-10.2250.650.520.22
Xq3476-1, Xq3413-10.2700.290.530.94
Xq3476-1, Xq2816-10.3140.290.260.43
Xq3476-1, Xq3274-10.3420.280.170.28
  • Posterior medians (based on 1000 sampled values) for D′ in two populations (CEPH, n = 92; Finland (Fin), n = 100), for the Xq25-Xq28 SNP data of Taillon-Miller et al. (2000); also shown is the probability that D′ in the CEPH population is less than D′ in the Finnish population. Marker pairs analyzed here correspond to those presented in Table 2 of Taillon-Miller et al. (2000) and are ordered by distance between the markers. A multivariate uniform prior was used for the hij. Each entry is based on 1000 values sampled from the posterior distribution of D′.