Effect of HU on IME2-lacZ expression

IME2-lacZ expression
Strain (bkgd)GenotypeSCSPOSPO + HUFold reduction by HU
TLY 162(1241)Wild type<0.11020.11000
TLY 355(1241) hur-B42 <0.1973.330
TLY 356(1241) hur-B51 0.14558
TLY 354(1241) hur-E3 <0.165164
TLY590(SK1)wt RME1<0.1<0.1<0.1NA
TLY 2(SK1)wt rmel<0.1630.6105
TLY491(SK1)rpd3-418* rme1476164.8
TLY401(SK1) rpd3 Δ rme1 5130423.1
TLY397(SK1)sin3Δ rme18200842.4

Transformants of each strain carrying the reporter pTL7 (PIME2-CYC1-lacZ-TEP1) were grown in SC-TRP 0.5% glucose overnight. Cultures were divided into three samples and either collected for SC or shifted to SPO ± 40 mm HU. For the 1241 strains, SPO cultures were collected after 26 hr; for the SK1 strains, they were collected after 6 hr. The values presented are average Miller units of three independent samples with each determination within 30% of the average value.