Recombination frequencies

Frequency of Leu+ recombinants (×106)
StrainGenotypeSCSC + HUSPOSPO + HUFold reduction by HU (SPO medium)
TLY 77 wt 3405003016
TLY 405 rpd3 Δ 4508001505
TLY 472 sin3 Δ 4305002002.5

Strains were grown on the media indicated for 2 days (SC, SC + HU) or 5 days (SPO, SPO + HU) and plated on SC-Leu (identifies Leu+ recombinants) and SC-Trp (identifies pTL5 plasmid-bearing cells). Recombination frequencies were calculated as the number of SC-Leu colonies divided by the number of SC-Trp colonies.