Mapping crosses

MarkersFull tetrads
No. of recombinants
in partial tetrads
distance (cM)
bld2-2(2-2): bld2-145:0:00 in 40<1
bld2-3(19d): bld2-121:0:00 in 18<2.3
bld2-3: nit2-1a63:0:32 in 802.2-2.5
bld2-3: tua1-1a46:0:11NA9.6
bld2-3: maa2-1a41:0:18NA15.3
bld2-2: nit2-158:0:5NA4
rgn1-1: rgn1-2b57:0:0NA<0.9
rgn1-1: rgn1-3b46:0:0NA<1.1
  • PD, parental ditype; NPD, nonparental ditype; TT, tetratype; NA, not applicable.

  • a CC1952 was used as the wild-type strain in the cross.

  • c bld2-2 was homozygous in these crosses.