Isolation model fitting

Species 1Species 2TestEmbedded Image 1Embedded Image 2Embedded Image ATPχ2PWWH
  75.7-280.546.0-129.7  85.5-203.00.22-0.64
  87.2-293.350.7-134.0  75.7-186.10.23-0.67
simsec332.3  7.75221.10.510.2160.465
  3.76-187.1  0.95-25.8  0.00-283.40.30-0.97
simsec455.7  7.98201.70.560.4340.810
17.1-303.7  2.33-17.0  0.0-259.30.35-1.52
  • For each contrast, the data were fit to the isolation model as described (Wang et al. 1997). The estimated values for the primary parameters are shown, along with the 95% confidence intervals determined by simulation (see text). Four contrasts are shown: (1) 12 loci (all excluding ase and ci); (2) same as (1) but observed shared polymorphisms were decreased by that amount expected by chance (see Table 6); (3) 11 loci (all excluding ase, ci, and janus); and (4) same as (3) except that one D. sechellia sequence for In(2L)t data was excluded (see text). The P values, for both the χ2 and the Wang, Wakely, and Hey (WWH) test statistics, are the proportion of simulated values greater than or equal to the observed. The test is one-tailed because the focus is on detecting a departure from the model in the direction expected if historical gene flow had occurred.