Successive outcrossing rates in nine wheat populations

PopulationNo. of
(LOD(f, t̂f))
PA Moulon780.040.060.06
(0.005-0.13)(0.03-0.10)(0.19) NS
PA Rennes770.010.130.06
PA Toulouse780.060.150.09
PB Moulon780.00.090.02
PB Rennes770.00.260.09
PB Venours770.0150.080.04
6SSD PA0770.0040.160.05
6SSD PB0780.000.120.03
4SSD R.S.770.000.210.06
  • Maximum-likelihood estimates of outcrossing rates based on multilocus individual heterozygosity (MIH) in nine populations of wheat (see text). C.I., confidence interval based on minimum and maximum values observed in the confidence area defined by LOD = Log10 L(0, p)/L(t0, tp) ≤ 2.8. tf is the multilocus estimate using Wright inbreeding coefficient when inbreeding equilibrium is assumed. (LOD(f, t̂f)), LOD score of the hypothesis of inbreeding equilibrium H0. H0 is accepted if LOD(f, f) ≤ 2.8 and rejected otherwise and marked with an asterisk (2.8 is the LOD95 value obtained by simulating populations with the same characteristics as studied wheat populations). NS, not significant.