SYF genes: Alleles of SYF genes are synthetically lethal with a deletion mutation of the PRP17 gene

Gene nameORF nameGene functionReferences
PRP8YHR165cSplicing factor involved in first and second stepsTeigelkamp et al. (1995)
PRP16YKR086wSecond step-splicing factorSchwer and Guthrie (1991)
SLU7YDR088cSecond step-splicing factorFrank and Guthrie (1992)
PRP22YER013wmRNA-releasing factor, role in the second step of splicingSchwer and Gross (1998)
SLT11YBR065cMutation blocks splicing prior to the first stepXu et al. (1998)
SNR20U2 SnRNA splicing factor-branchpoint recognitionAres (1986)
SYF1YDR416wNew geneThis work
SYF2YGR129wNew geneThis work
SYF3YLR117cNew geneChung et al. (1999); this work