Genotypes of yeast strains

    FY23MATa leu2Δ1 ura3-52 trp1Δ63Fred Winston
    FY838MATα lys2Δ202 leu2Δ1 ura3-52 his3Δ200Fred Winston
    YKU1MATa lys2Δ202 leu2Δ1 ura3-52 trp1Δ63This study
    YMH1YKU1 except III-205::URA3aThis study
    YMJ1FY838 except III-205::URA3This study
    YMJ2FY838 except III-205::ura3-91This study
    YKU21FY838 except URA3This study
    YMH5YKU1 except URA3This study
    YMJ4FY838 except ura3-91This study
    YKU23FY838 except ade2Δ::hisGThis study
    YKU34YMH1 except ade2Δ::hisG III-314::ADE2aLEU2This study
    RD101III-205::URA3/III-205 ura3-52/ura3-52YMH1 × FY838
    RD102ura3-52/ura3-52YKU1 × FY838
    RD103III-205::URA3/III-205::URA3 ura3-52/ura3-52YMH1 × YMJ1
    RD104III-205::URA3/III-205::ura3-91 ura3-52/ura3-52YMH1 × YMJ2
    RD201URA3/ura3-91YMH5 × YMJ4
    RD202URA3/URA3YMH5 × YKU21
    RD301III-205::URA3/III-205 ura3-52/ura3-52YKU23 × YKU34
  • a III-205::URA3 signifies that the URA3 fragment is inserted at the 205-kb position of chromosome III. III-314::ADE2 signifies that the ADE2 fragment is inserted at the 314-kb position of chromosome III. Details are described in the text.

  • b All strains are MATa/MATα lys2Δ202/lys2Δ202 trp1Δ63/TRP1 HIS3Δ200/HIS3 and, except for RD301, leu2Δ1/leu2Δ1. In addition, the diploid strain RD301 is ade2Δ::hisG/ade2Δ::hisG and has three heterozygous markers on chromosome III, which are III-205::URA3, III-314::ADE2, and LEU2. All strains are otherwise isogenic.