The sets of haplotypes that are identical for variable sites 1–18

Haplotype set nameHaplotypes in set
5′-11JNR, 2JNR, 4JN, 9N, 21J, 43J, 46N, 50N, 52N, 53N, 56N, 59N, 60N, 61N, 62N, 63N, 64J, 65N, 70R, 71R, 76R, 79R, 86R
5′-210J, 12J, 16J, 25J, 30J, 40J
5′-33JNR, 5NR, 7NR, 19J, 27J, 31J, 34J, 37J, 41N, 42N, 47N, 51N, 54N, 66N, 69R, 74R, 78R, 83R, 85R
5′-428J, 45J
5′-518J, 39J, 48N, 67N, 77N, 80R, 81R
5′-611J, 24J, 26J
5′-715J, 33J
5′-817J, 22J, 35J, 57J
5′-96NR, 13J, 38J, 58N, 68R, 72R, 75R
5′-1055N, 73R, 82R, 87R, 88R

Any haplotypes not listed in this table have a unique 5′ sequence in the 1–18 interval.