Deficiency stocks

DeficiencyBalancerCytogenetic breakpointsSymbols in Figures 1, 2, 3
Df(2L)Prl CyO 32F1–3; 33F1–2 a
Df(2L)fn30, pr1 cn1a CyO 34C6–7; 35B9–11 b
Df(2L)64j, L2a CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 34D1; 35B9–C1 c
Df(2L)fn7, pr1 cn1a CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 34E1–2; 35B3–5 d
Df(2L)A376, b1 cn1 bw1b CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 34E3; 35C4–5 ϕ
Df(2L)A263, b1 cn1 bw1a,b CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 34E5–F1; 35C3 λ
Df(2L)A217, b1 cn1 bw1a In(2lr)Gla, Gla1 l(2)34De2 l(2)35Bb6 34F5; 35B3 e
Df(2L)fn5, pr1 cn1a CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 34F5; 35C3 g
Df(2L)fn1a CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 34F4–35A1; 35D5–7 h
Df(2L)A245, b1 cn1 bw1a CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 35A4; 35B2 f
Df(2L)TE35BC-8, pr1 cn1 sp1a,b CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 35B1; 35E1 π
Df(2L)osp29, AdhUF pr1 cn1 CyO 35B1–3; 35E6 i
Df(2L)TE35BC-34, b1 pr1 pk1 cn1 sp1a,b CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 35B4; 35D4 θ
Df(2L)TE35BC-24, b1 pr1 pk1 cn1 sp1a,b CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 34B4–6; 35E1–2 σ
Df(2L)TE35BC-3, b1 pr1 pk1 cn1 sp1a,b CyO, Cy1 dp1v1 pr1 cn2 35C1; 35D3–7 ψ
Df(2L)TW50, cn1 CyO 36E4–F1; 38A6–8 k
Df(2L)pr-A16, cn1 bw1 CyO 37B2–12; 38D2–5 m
Df(2L)VA12, cn1 bw1 CyO 37C2–5; 38B2–C n
Df(2L)TW161, cn1 bw1 CyO 38A6–B1; 40A4–B1 p
Df(2L)DS6, b1 pr1 cn1 CyO 38F5; 39E7–F1 q
Df(2R)rl10a, lt1 cn1 In(2LR)bwV1 41A r
Df(2R)nap9 In(2LR)Gla 42A1–2; 42E6–F1 s
Df(2R)cn87e In(2LR)bwV1, b1 42B4–C1; 43F–44A t
Df(2R)cn9 SM6b, Cy1 Roi1 42E; 44C u
Df(2R)CA53 CyO 43E6; 44B6 v
Df(2R)44CE, al1 dpov1 b1 pr1 CyO 44C4–5; 44E2–4 w
Df(3L)ZN47, ry506 TM3 64C; 65C a
Df(3L)pbl-X1 TM6B 65F3; 66B10 b
Df(3L)66C-G28 TM3 66B8–9; 66C9–10 c
Df(3L)h-i22, Ki1 roe1 pp TM3 66D10–11; 66E1–2 d
Df(3L)29A6, ri1 pp TM3 66F5; 67B1 e
Df(3L)AC1, roe1 pp TM3 67A2; 67D7–13 (or 67A5; 67D9–13) f
Df(3L)lxd6 TM3, y+ Sb1 e1 Ser1 67E1–2; 68C1–2 g
Df(3L)vin2 TM3 67F2–3; 68D6 h
Df(3L)vin5, ru1 h1 gl2 e4 ca1 TM3, sb1 Ser1 68A2–3; 69A1–3 i
Df(3L)vin7, e1 TM3 68C8–11; 69B4–5 k
Df(3L)Ly, mvh1 TM1, jv 70A2–3; 70A5–6 m
Df(3L)fz-GF36 TM6B 70C1–2; 70D4–5 n
Df(3L)fz-GS1a, P{w[+tAR] ry[+t7.2AR] = wA[R]}66ETM370D1; 70E7 (or 70C16; 70E5) p
Df(3L)fz-M21 TM6 70D2–3; 71E4–5 q
Df(3L)BK10, ru1 red1 cv-c1 Sbsbd-1 sr1 e1 TM3 71C; 71F r
Df(3L)brm11 TM6C, cu1 Sb1 e1 ca1 71F1–4; 72D1–10 s
Df(3L)st-f13, Ki1 roe1 pp TM6B 72C1–D1; 73A3–4 t
Df(3L)st7, e1 TM3, Sb1 Ser1 73A3–4; 74A3 u
Df(3L)81k19 TM6B 73A3; 74F v
Df(3L)Cat, ri e TM6, Hnp ssaP88 Ubxbx-341 e1 75B8; 75F1 w
Df(3L)VW3 TM3 76A3; 76B2 x

All stocks were obtained from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (Bloomington, IN) except as marked. Genotypes and breakpoints are those provided by the Stock Centers. Df(2L)A376, b1 cn1 bw1 was obtained from John Roote.

  • a Obtained from the European Drosophila Stock Center (Umeå, Sweden).

  • b Stocks used in the additional analysis of the 35BC region.