Summary of sE-KDN and sev-RAS1V12 interacting lines

Gene name, line no.cDNA clone (GenBank accession no.)Predicted protein size (amino acids)Map positionKDNRasV12No. of lines
MESK1, EP(2)0980N/AN/A33B3–4S+E+1
MESK2, EP(2)2347LD23639 (AF195792)48657E6–7S+++E+1
MESK3, EP(3)3728N/AN/A77A4–B1S+E+1
MESK4, EP(3)1015LD15753 (AF195495)28189E5–7S++E+1
MESR1; Dm novel rel, EP(X)1353LD28881 (AF195496)121112A8–10E++S+1
MESR2; DAKAP200, EP(2)2254LD2701675429C1–2E+S+1
MESR3, EP(2)2221LD08471 (AF195497)28136F6–7E+S+++1
MESR4, EP(2)0386LP07188 (AF195494)110754C7–8E++S+1
MESR5; misshapen, EP(3)0609LD34191165862E5–7E++S+1
MESR6, EP(3)3142LD16107 (AF195499)39875F6–7E+++S+1
MESR7, EP(3)3403LD11488 (AF195498)149278C1–2E++S+1
MESR8; LK6, EP(3)0886, EP(3)3094LD17668114386F6–7E+++S++2

Genes isolated in this screen are listed along with the strength of interaction, map position of the P element, cDNA clone sequenced, GenBank accession number, and size of predicted protein. MESK1 and MESK3 have not been identified to date.