Summary data and test statistics for polymorphism and divergence of silent and replacement changes in the four hexokinase genes in D. melanogaster, D. simulans, and D. yakuba

D. melanogaster
    Silent polymorphisms2122724
    Replacement polymorphisms0424
    Tajima's D–0.5321.4020.5090.073
    Fu and Li's D–0.5400.8970.838–0.306
D. simulans
    Silent polymorphisms0102715
    Replacement polymorphisms0013
    Tajima's D1.876–1.2530.502
    Fu and Li's D1.570*–0.8370.553
Interspecific divergence
D. melanogaster/D. simulans
    Silent fixed differences20272141
    Replacement fixed02813
    McDonald-Kreitman test (P)0.406a0.006a0.322ass
D. melanogaster/D. yakuba Ka/Ks0.0000.0380.0840.110
D. simulans/D. yakuba Ka/Ks0.0000.0570.1040.128
  • * P < 0.05.

  • a Probability associated with G-test.