Polymorphic insertion and deletion events in D. melanogaster

Insertion events (IE)Deletion events (DE)
Genomic regionCytological positionRec.anbmcTotalIntronsIntergenicCodingTotalIntronsIntergenicCoding
Adh 35D12.01208s, 13y74307340
ase 1B40.0061s, ly00000000
boss 96F113.8655s00000000
cec 99E4–99E52.77101s, ly130130251210
Ci 101F0.00109s, ly00000000
dpp 22F13.601833008620
a-Est4 84D40.36121s, ly00003030
Est-6 69A13.32284s00000000
hsp83 63C14.07151s00001001
Lcp-Psi 44D1–80.53101s10101010
MlcI 98B1–83.50198s, ly282251171610
Mst26Aa/Ab 26A1–54.40921s, ly00005041
per 3B21.5996s, ly00002110
Pgd 2D60.4913 + 142*1s74308530
Pgi 44A–46D0.752114s, 13y00001010
prune 2F10.8153s00001100
Ref(2)p 37E2–F10.56101s33005302
Rh3 92D13.4755s00000000
run 19E21.611111s00001100
Sod 68A8–93.85251s11006510
su(f) 20E1–20.3950*20203030
su(s) 1B10–C10.0050**10l02110
su(wa) 1E1–20.0750**31203300
Tpi 99E2.77259s, ly22003300
tra 73A91.32111s10100000
Ver 10A12.557170s21106150
white 3C22.45151s121110151410
y-ac-sc 1B0.00287*13571182160
yp2 9A2–53.5466s00001100
zeste 3A31.2966s10010000
Zw(G6pd) 18E1–52.4833 + 64*12s, ly97205500
Subtotal high recombinationd795126210257432
Subtotal low recombinationd30131614515282

All studies were done on the basis of sequence comparisons except those labeled

  • * indicating fine restriction map length polymorphism

  • ** SSCP and sequencing, respectively.

  • a Recombination rate × 10–8/bp/generation (see materials and methods).

  • b n, the number of D. melanogaster sequences under analysis.

  • c m, the number of D. simulans (s) and D. yakuba (y) sequences used in the analyses.

  • d Regions of high and low recombination are defined as those with recombination rates >1 × 10–8 and <1 × l0–8/bp/generation, respectively.