Rescue of mus101 mutant phenotypes by P-element-mediated germline transformation

mus101 allelePhenotype testedP[w+, X9]P[w+, B10]
D1 MMS sensitivity+
D2 MMS sensitivity+
K451 Female sterility+NT
K451 MMS sensitivity+
lcd Lethality+NT
SM Lethality+
tsl Temperature-sensitive lethality+

Transformant males in which the P-element construct (either rescue construct P[w+, X9] or negative control construct P[w+, B10]) had inserted into one of the autosomes were crossed to mus101D1 and mus101D2 homozygotes and to mus101lcd/FM7e, mus101SM/FM7e, mus101tsl/FM7c, and mus101K451/FM3 heterozygotes. Progeny from these crosses were treated with MMS (mus101D1, mus101D2, and mus101K451), left untreated (mus101lcd and mus101SM), or grown at restrictive temperature (mus101tsl). Rescue of the mus101 mutant phenotypes was monitored by the recovery of non-Bar-eyed (i.e., nonbalancer) male progeny carrying the mus101 mutant chromosome. Rescue of mus101K451 female sterility was monitored in mus101K451 homozygous females carrying a mus101+ P-element construct on chromosome 2. +, rescue of the phenotype; –, nonrescue; NT, not tested.