Chromosome 3 deficiency analysis of QTL affecting longevity

Mean longevity (SE)
Deficiency stock [symbol]aSexDeficiency/2bDeficiency/OregonP valuebMinimum number QTLCytological position
Df(3L)ZN47 [a]Females61 (3.0)37 (2.9)NAc164C–65C
Df(3L)pbl-X1 [b]Males35 (4.0)60 (2.5)0.0011 or 265F–66C
Df(3L)66C-G28 [c]71 (2.6)43 (5.3)
Df(3L)fz-M21 [q]Males54 (3.4)73 (3.3)NA170E–71C
Df(3L)fz-M21 [q]Females71 (3.9)92 (4.5)NA170E–71C
Df(3L)81k19 [v]Females75 (3.7)51 (4.7)NA174A–F
  • a Symbols in Figures 1, 2, 3.

  • b P values from F-ratio tests of significance of deficient genotype-by-line interaction from two-way analysis of variance (see text for explanation).

  • c Not applicable.