Sequencing data of the 431-kb Arabidopsis BAC contig and fiber-FISH data from A. thaliana and B. rapa

Sequencing dataaFiber-FISH data
BACInsert (kb)Overlap (kb)GenesA. thalianaB. rapat-testc
KnownPredictedSize (kb)SDbnSize (kb)SDbn
T04M15100d25d9111.2e7.01691.8e39.330 *
T02P0484.73.612182.511.115104.236.264 **
T07D1775.24.61980.811.13064.417.832 **
T20B0572.78.811678.68.01854.27.930 **
  • a Data from the Institute for Genome Research (

  • b Standard deviation.

  • c Size comparison of the fiber-FISH signals derived from A. thaliana and B. rapa.

  • * significant at the 5% level

  • ** significant at the 1% level.

  • d Based on BAC fingerprinting data (M. L. Wang and H. M. Goodman, unpublished data).

  • e The physical size (kb) was calculated based on the average of the fiber-FISH signal measurements using a conversion of 2.87 kb/μm (Jackson et al. 1998) in both A. thaliana and B. rapa.