Comparison of γ-ray-induced recombination in spo-11 and msh-5 mutants

Parental genotypeγ-IrradiationNo. of X chromosomes% recombinant X chromosomesaEstimated % oocyte-derived recombinant X chromosomesb
spo-11; dpy-3 unc-3/++c240<0.5
spo-11; dpy-3 unc-3/++c + 2152244
msh-5; dpy-3 unc-3/++3870.5d
msh-5; dpy-3 unc-3/++ + 2723d6

The msh-5(me23) allele was used in these experiments.

  • a Calculated as described in materials and methods.

  • b Because of the timing of irradiation treatment, induced crossover events will be restricted to oocyte meiosis (Dernburg et al. 1998). Since approximately half of X chromosomes recovered in viable progeny will be oocyte derived, we estimate the percent oocyte-derived recombinant X chromosomes to be twice the measured percentage of recombinant X chromosomes.

  • c spo-11 data are from Dernburg et al. (1998).

  • d Significantly different, 0.010 < P < 0.025 for χ2 test.