Genetic interactions between rtf1Δ and mutations in genes encoding RNA pol II holoenzyme components

GenotypeaSynthetic phenotypesb
gal11Δ rtf1ΔSlightly sick, Spt+
rgrl Δ 2 rtf1 Δ Nonec
sin4Δ rtf1ΔNonec
srb2Δ rtf1ΔStrong Inoc
srb5Δ rtf1ΔSick, strong Ino, Spt+
srb10Δ rtf1ΔNone
kin28-ts3 rtf1 Δ Strong Ino, Spt–/+
kin28-ts4 rtf1 Δ Strong Ino, Spt–/+
  • a The parents for the crosses in the order listed were as follows: FY1257 × KY424, FY1289 × KY409, FY1256 × KY473, FY1285 × KY607, L937 × KY404, GY759 × KY608, KA76 × KY405, and KA72 × KY405.

  • b Spt+ and Spt–/+ indicate complete and partial suppression of the Spt phenotype of rtf1Δ, respectively. Strains were tested for growth at 15°, 30°, and 37° on YPD media, growth on media lacking inositol, and growth on galactose and sucrose media.

  • c Suppression of the Spt phenotype conferred by rtf1Δ was not tested.