Doubling times of strains expressing wild-type or mutant SSA1 at 26° in SC –ura gal

StrainDoubling time (in hours)% expressiona
AJMY02 (SSA1)4.9100
AJMY03 (ssa1-K69Q)733
AJMY04 (ssa1-G198D)7.220
AJMY05 (ssa1-G199D)6.346
AJMY06 (ssa1-G226D)6.228
AJMY07 (pYES2)5.5NA
AJMY08 (SSA1)4.8100
AJMY09 (ssa1-K69Q)9.547
AJMY10 (ssa1-G198D)8.127
AJMY11 (ssa1-G199D)5.239
AJMY12 (ssa1-G226D)5.633
  • a The % expression is the amount of mutant Ssa1p expressed from pYES2, compared to wild-type Ssa1p expressed from pYES2 (normalized to 100%) in the same strains, as quantified by phosphorimage analysis of immunoblots incubated with antipentahistidine primary antibody and 125I-labeled anti-mouse secondary antibody. NA, not available.