Biometrical parameters of QTL associated with length of the first branch length

PopulationChromosomeDiagnostic marker and location on chromosomeAdditive effectDominance/additivity (d/a) ratio% Variance explainedLODMode of gene actionLOD at 2′ siteLOD at 3′ siteLOD at BK siteLOD at CAN siteLOD at PK site
  • a QTL detected after fixing the largest QTL. Variance explained by these minor QTL is the portion of residual variance remaining after the major QTL is fixed, so it is not directly comparable to % variance for the QTL detected prior to fixing the largest QTL. Variance explained by the largest QTL is from the original model in which none of the QTL are fixed to make variances of each QTL directly comparable to one another. Gene action is indicated as additive (A), dominant (D), recessive (R). Possible modes of gene action that are within LOD 1 of the most likely mode are shown in decreasing order of likelihood, following the system of Paterson et al. (1991).