Proteins isolated more than once in yeast two-hybrid screens with Prp8 fragments

Region(s) used as baitProtein isolatedCodons included in fusionaReported characteristics of the proteinNo. of isolates
a/bYgr021w45–290 (290)Involved in mitochondrial protein synthesis2
cDjp165–432 (432)DnaJ-like protein3
Exo84615–753b (753)Part of exocyst complex3
dBmh1/2c87–267 (267)Homologues of 14–3–3 proteins3
Gpm137–110 (247)Phosphoglycerate mutase2
eUpc2503–729 (913)Regulatory role in sterol uptake and esterification3
  • Listed are all proteins that were isolated at least twice as fusion proteins in the yeast two-hybrid screen with one of regions a–e as bait.

  • a Listed is the smallest fragment isolated that interacts with Prp8. Given in parentheses is the number of amino acids in the respective full-length protein.

  • b A frameshift is required to translate these codons (+1 in two clones and −1 in the third). It has previously been reported that frameshift events are selected for in the yeast two-hybrid screen, when viability depends on it (Fromont-Racine et al. 1997).

  • c Bmh1 and Bmh 2 are >90% identical.