Definitions of parameters

NDiploid population size
N1, N2Effective population size at the Fav and the Neu locus, respectively
s, tSelection coefficients of favorable and deleterious alleles, respectively
r1, r2Recombination fraction between Del and Fav and between Fav and Neu, respectively
αStrength of directional selection = 2Ns
uRate of deleterious mutations per generation per locus
ufRate of favorable mutations per generation per population
μRate of neutral mutations per generation per locus (nucleotide)
ΠReduction factor of the fixation probability of favorable mutations
ΦFixation probability of favorable mutations
fH, fBReduction factors of the stationary level of heterozygosity due to recurrent hitchhiking events and background selection, respectively
hReduction of heterozygosity due to a single hitchhiking event
πHeterozygosity per nucleotide
θExpected heterozygosity without hitchhiking (= 4N2μ)
HCumulative heterozygosity of one trajectory of a neutral allele
pa, pBAllele frequencies of a and B, respectively
ρRecombination rate per nucleotide per generation
τNumber of generations until the last hitchhiking event
νNumber of advantageous substitutions per generation per nucleotide