modulo mutations affect male fertility

GenotypeMale sterilesa% male sterilityMinute phenotypeb
modP1795/modP179549 (59)83+
modL8/modP179530 (30)100++
krz1/modP17950 (28)0
krz2/modP179530 (31)97+
krz3/modP17951 (11)9
Df(3R)faf-BP/modP179541 (41)100++
Df(3R)04661/modP17959 (9)100++
Df(3R)td106/modP17957 (7)100++
  • a Sterility was determined by the complete lack of progeny when the male was crossed with three wild-type virgin females.

  • b Flies that were delayed in eclosion and had bristles that were more slender and shorter than wild type were considered to have a Minute phenotype.