ProbePositive BAC clones
plexinNot tested
ci (1(4)102ABc)BACR5L22, BACR21B19
RPS3A (M(4)101)Not tested
pan (dTCF or 1(4)102ABb)Not tested
21B19 end fragmentBACN23C02, BACN28I10, BACN28B18, BACN19N21, BACN11A02
cDNA clone 1339/CrkBACN42J09, BACN11A02, BACN4K08, BACN19N21, BACN5P15
19o3/M010.redBACR1E21, BACR2E19, BACR4N17, BACR6C06, BACR8L14, BACR9M13, BACR15G16, BACR22F16, BACR24O10, BACR30L17, BACR30P11, BACR31P13, BACR33K21, BACR33O03, BACR40F19, BACR40P19, BACR42A05, BACR48M02, BACH54L20, BACN29N11, BACN38G09, BACN41M19, BACN45E04, BACN15K03, BACN5A18
Dr. D (unique fragment)BACR1E21, BACR6C06, BACR9M13, BACR15G16, BACR30L17, BACR30P11, BACR33O03, BACR40F19, BACR40P19, BACR42A05, BACR48M02, BACH54L20
zaro-4BACR1E21, BACR30L17, BACR30P11, BACR33O03, BACR40F19, BACR40P19, BACH54L20
camKIBACR30L17, BACR30P11, BACH54L20, BACN33E06, BACN42F03, BACN4K23
Clone MS209BACH57F14, BACN21F17, BACN23A06, BACN24M16
zfh-2BACR7F02, BACR7H02, BACR10A06, BACR26O17, BACR28O12, BACR44L03, BACR46D07, BACR47B13, BACH52H02, BACH57F14, BACN32C05, BACN10B22, BACN10B24, BACN10D24, BACN21F17, BACN23A06, BACN24M16
116H2Not tested
DnukBACR6K04, BACR21N24, BACR26O17, BACR30L15, BACR36P12, BACR46D07
cDNA clone1508BACR6K04, BACR16H06, BACR16J06, BACR21N24, BACR30L15, BACR36P12
ey (eyeless)BACR6K04, BACR16H06, BACR16J06, BACR30L15
cDNA clone 2442BACR6K04, BACR16H06, BACR16J06, BACR30L15
bt (bent)BACR30L15
drunc13 (3′)BACR11A04, BACR16N23
drunc13 (5′)BACR11A04, BACR16N23, BACR46C22
eIF4GBACR11A04, BACR16N23, BACR46C22
DmGluRBACR11A04, BACR13D24, BAC14M01, BACR16N23, BACR46C22
clone16BACR13D24, BACR17F10
toy (twin of eyeless)BACR13D24, BACR17F10
camKIIBACR13D24, BACR14M01, BACR17F10
limBACR13D24, BACR14M01, BACR17F10
RfaBPNot tested
activin-βBACR13D24, BACR17F10, BACR22J20
spa-1 (sparkling)BACR17F10, BACR22J20, BACR31B07
spa-4BACR9E01, BACR9F01, BACR17F10, BACR22J20, BACR31B07
spa-3BACR9E01, BACR9F01, BACR18J01, BACR22J20, BACR35H05
pho (pleohomeotic)BACR22J20
  • BACR clones are from the RPCI-98 Drosophila EcoRI library, BACN clones are from the CEPH Drosophila NdeII library (384-well format), and BACH clones are from the CEPH Drosophila HindIII library (384-well format).