lin-13(n387) acts as a class B SynMuv at 158

SynMuv allele combined with lin-13(n387)Class% Muv at 15°
lin-8(n111)A56 (32/57)
lin-15(sy97)A20 (17/87)
lin-15(n767)A54 (109/203)
lin-38(n751)A65 (39/60)
lin-15(n374)B0 (0/178)
lin-35(n745)B0 (0/157)
  • Note that all SynMuv alleles are wild type in a lin-13(+) background (Ferguson and Horvitz 1989). The lin-13(n387) chromosome was marked with either unc-93(e1500) or unc-36(e251). Hermaphrodites of genotype lin-x; unc lin-13(n387)/qC1 were allowed to self-fertilize at 15°; 50–200 Unc hermaphrodite progeny were scored for the presence of multiple pseudovulvae in the dissecting microscope. % Muv, number of Unc Multivulva/total Unc hermaphrodite progeny.