Homokaryotic progeny obtained in crosses of strains carrying the (SMR2, hph) and (gpd::FMR1, ble) transgenes (SMR2-19 GFMR1-1 and SMR2-19 GFMR1-2) with strains carrying the (gpd::SMR1, leu1) transgenes (GSMR1-4 and GSMR1-5)

GenotypeaGSMR1-4 × SMR2-19 GFMR1-2GSMR1-5 × SMR2-19 GFMR1-2GSMR1-4 × SMR2-19 GFMR1-1GSMR1-5 × SMR2-19 GFMR1-1
mat+ GSMR112
mat+ GFMR13767
mat+ GFMR1 GSMR139
mat+ SMR2c0688
mat+ SMR2c GSMR136
mat+ SMR2c GFMR1000+ (0/56)c0
mat+ SMR2c GFMR1 GSMR11 + (10/104)b6
mat− ± GSMR151024
mat− GFMR1 ± GSMR131675
mat− SMR2c ± GSMR131442
mat− SMR2c GFMR1 ± GSMR13 + (11/104)b110 + (7/56)c1
  • Abbreviations are as in Table 5.

  • a Genotypes were deduced from the phenotypic tests presented in Table 4; segregation of gpd::SMR1 in the mat+ progeny was determined by crossing with mat− (SMR1::ura5) only when (mat+ phleR hygR) progeny were obtained (two first columns). In the two last columns each number is for two genotypes ± GSMR1.

  • b An additive cross was performed and 104 homokaryotic progeny analyzed. Ten (mat+ hygR ph1R) progeny were obtained and were found to carry the gpd::SMR1 transgene.

  • c An additive cross was performed and 56 homokaryotic progeny analyzed. No (mat+ phleR hygR) progeny were obtained.