Homokaryotic progeny obtained in crosses of mat+ strains carrying the (SMR2, hph) transgenes (SMR2-19, SMR2-4, SMR2-16) with the mat− strain carrying the (gpd::FMR1, leu1) transgene (GFMR1-5)

PhenotypeGFMR1-5 × SMR2-19GFMR1-5 × SMR2-4GFMR1-5 × SMR2-16a
hygmatselfInferred genotype
Smat++mat+ GFMR1770
Rmat++mat+ SMR2c b5510
Rmat++mat+ SMR2c GFMR1000
Smat−mat− GFMR1
Rmat−mat− SMR2c260
Rmat−mat− SMR2c GFMR1c220
  • Abbreviations are as follows: hyg, hygromycin; R and S, resistant and sensitive; mat, resident mating type; self, formation of perithecia or microperithecia on the homokaryotic mycelium.

  • a (SMR2-16, hph) are genetically linked to mat+.

  • b Strains unable to fertilize a mat+ strain, a function expected if GFMR1-5 were present.

  • c Unpigmented, female sterile mycelia.