Functional tests performed to determine expression of the mat genes under control of the A. nidulans gpd promoter

Recipient strainsTransforming plasmidsTransforming phenotypeSexual phenotypeaTransformants displaying sexual phenotype/total
leu1-1 ΔmatpGFPR1leu+mat+ , spo+9/20b
leu1-1 ΔmatpGFMR1leu+mat−, spo−7/20
leu1-1 ΔmatpGFMR1 and pSUT12 (SMR1 SMR2)leu+, phleoRmat−, spo+6/15
leu1-1 ΔmatpGSMR1 and pucES+ (mat+)leu+, mat+spo+ in cross with SMR1::ura57/15b
leu1-1 mat− (SMR2::ura5)pGSMR2leu+mat−, spo+5/11
  • a Expression of the gpd::mat genes can be tested by determining the fertilization ability (mat+ or mat−) on a tester of opposite mating type and/or the production of a progeny (spo+, abundant progeny with Mendelian segregation of the parental genetic markers; spo−, no progeny.

  • b Integrity of the transgenic fusion gene was checked by PCR analysis in one or two transformants.