Test of carbon sources that support conidial germination

Minimal medium plus
Supports germination (>95%)Glucose (10 mm)2% fructose
2% sucroseAcetate (10 mm)
2% galactose0.5% glycerol
2% raffinose2% soluble starch
2% maltoseGlucose alonea
Does not support germinationNo additionCitrate (10 mm)
6-DeoxyglucoseMalate (10 mm)
2-DeoxyglucoseProprionate (10 mm)
  • Conidia (106/ml) were incubated in the presence of medium for 14 hr at 37°, fixed, DAPI stained, and analyzed by microscopy.

  • a Conidia were incubated in 10 mm glucose in distilled water.